Fire Sprinkler Installation

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Customized Design & Build


Our experts have designed wet, dry, deluge and pre-action fire suppression systems for numerous clients in the Chicagoland area. We know every client has unique needs and we are able customize every design to meet those needs. Every design is preceded by thorough research, including existing infrastructure required for a proper fire sprinkler system.

Remodeling and retrofitting projects come with their own design challenges, including resolving piping issues, but we are perfectly suited to take on such projects. Our designers can work around the various hazards in your structure to build a system that fully covers all areas of the structure, regardless of the challenges.
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Why install a fire protection system?


🔥Sprinklers are designed to save lives and reduce damage. Your smoke alarms are a necessary component in fire protection, but they can’t extinguish a fire. The right fire sprinkler system can put out fires as residents or employees are evacuating. 

🔥 Sprinklers are triggered by heat, not smoke. So, while you may have worry about your smoke detectors going off because you left the turkey in the oven a little too long, it won't cause an unnecessary activation of your sprinklers. 

🔥The average fire sprinkler system only slightly increases the cost per square foot of new construction.

🔥Sprinklers activate faster than the fastest firemen can get to your home or business, unravel their hoses, hook them up to a hydrant and douse the flames. In fact, most fire sprinkler systems will activate between 30 and 60 seconds of a fire outbreak.

🔥Depending on your insurance provider, installing fire sprinklers could reduce your insurance premiums.
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Consider these facts...

🔥The risk of fire-related death is reduced by around 80 percent in homes where a fire sprinkler system has been installed.

🔥Property losses are cut by around 70 percent in homes with sprinkler systems.

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