Relocation & Retrofit

Retrofit Sprinkler heads
Retrofit Sprinkler heads

Sprinkler Head Relocation


There are a variety of reasons fire sprinkler heads must be relocated, but the most common reasons involve changes to the interior of a structure, such as an interior wall being knocked down or ceilings being reconfigured. To provide adequate coverage after such changes are made, fire sprinkler head relocation becomes a necessity.

Perhaps the most frequently occurring scenario where this happens is in retail space where new tenants take over and make massive redesigns.

Office spaces are also subject to sprinkler head relocation as changes are made to the space that fit the evolution and/or changing needs of the company.
Don’t rely on just any contractor to relocate your sprinkler heads or install a new fire sprinkler system. Whether in the home or the office, pick a trusted professional like Alpha Fire Sprinkler.
Sprinkler system
Sprinkler system
New fire protection regulations pop up all the time in the Chicagoland area, and it’s important to make sure your system is up to code. While many exceptions are made for older structures, which are sometimes grandfathered to remain consistent with codes existing at the time of the construction, many property owners realize it makes sense to adopt newer fire sprinkler solutions to protect inhabitants and their property.

Some buildings require a retrofit solution, which is something we have years of experience in. Property owners can’t risk bringing in an inexperienced contractor because retrofitting a fire sprinkler system is a complex task that requires a seasoned professional. Our team has the logistical experience required to take on a large fire sprinkler retrofit project, finishing on time and on budget. Furthermore, we have the bonding and insurance capacity that surpasses our competitors.

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